About Us


Host Your Church is a part of Milestone Design Services Ltd, and has been providing hosting, web design and internet services to the Christian community since 1999.

As one of the first Christian Internet Service Providers, Milestone Net helped thousands of Christians and churches to get online quickly and safely. Seeing a further need for professional ethical Christian hosting and web design, we set up Milestone Web, delivering high quality hosting and design to churches, businesses and individuals. As the years have gone by we have continued to improved and develop our services.

In 2009 we finally drew the curtain on our ISP, Milestone Net, bringing our focus fully round to hosting and design. To further improve the services we offer, we took the decision to split our clients, servicing churches and Christian organisations through Host Your Church (www.hostyourchurch.co.uk) whilst providing dedicated business-level hosting and services through Milestone Web (www.milestoneweb.co.uk)

Please view our terms and conditions for the full terms of the services we offer, please view domain name terms and coditions and our accompanying privacy policy.